Brunei Darussalam Islamic Investment Summit 2013

This prestigious event will gather a pool of industry experts ranging from regulatory authorities, Shariah scholars, bankers, legal practitioners, Takaful operators, consultants and academicians to share with the delegates their views and experiences in developing Islamic banking and finance around the globe. BIIS 2013 will offer a platform for debates, questions and answers based on knowledge and experience.

You will find that the forum will not only give fresh ideas and thoughts but it will also serve as an unforgettable networking opportunity.BIIS offers an integrated basis for promoting Islamic Financial system dialogue among speaker and delegates to foster the orderly development of an efficient, competitive, sound and innovative Islamic Finance in a rapidly hanging global environment.

Participants were able to enrich their knowledge in the latest developments in Islamic finance. The topics that were chosen also gave participants a balanced exposure to learning more about the latest developments in structuring, market dynamics, and Shariah compliance, as well as how the regulators, financial services industries and legal professionals around the world are collaborating together to contribute to the development in this segment of the market. It was proven by increasing in number of participants in each year.


Islamic Finance Congress Brunei Darussalam

Islamic Finance Congress Brunei Darussalam will line up of panelists and moderators from among those who are directly involved in the financing and Islamic banking industry. A panel from inside and outside the country including from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand will join together with the panelists and moderators of the State of Brunei Darussalam to study the latest issues of Sharia and Fiqh al-Muamalat in today in Islam financing.