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Islamic Commercial Law in Islamic Finance (Fundamental – Intermediate)

The workshop is exclusively designed to provide a comprehensive, practical knowledge and high-level understanding of the Islamic contracts, principles and techniques utilized by Shariah expert and the application of Islamic commercial law in developing and structuring Islamic financial products. Applications will highlight the uses of Islamic contracts in product development and enhancement. The workshop will feature presentations from leading Shariah experts within the industries and provides the opportunity for participants to benefit from open discussions of specific and practical techniques and/or its applications in the Islamic finance. The workshop will be covering in detail all major aspects of Shariah principles, Shariah standards and Legal Maxims that govern Islamic finance. The workshop also will give more confidence and ability to practitioners involves in developing and structuring of Islamic financial products.

Learning Objective


  • Acquire the knowledge on Shariah principles in Islamic banking and finance
  • Understand the doctrine of prohibition of riba, gharar and maysir in Fiqh al Mu`amalat
  • Examine the features of every contract in its original status as documented in Islamic fiqh
  • Analyse the legal maxims (qawaid fiqhiyyah) which are peculiar to Islamic finance
  • Identify products and instruments in Islamic banking andfinance from Fiqh Muamalat perspective




  • 2 Days


Course Module


  • Foundation of Islamic Commercial Law in Islamic Finance
  • Function and Application of Islamic Commercial Law in Islamic Finance
  • Developing and Structuring Islamic Financial Products


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